Al Frugoni

With almost 1.8 million followers on social media, you might already know about Alejo “Al” Frugoni’s grilling magic. The Argentine asado king brings a delicious South American twist to Texas grilling, from the beautiful open fire grills he sells, to the amazing chimichurri seasoning mix he developed.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Mr. Frugoni, always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but he never considered his favorite pastime in Argentina, el asado, would turn into his mainstay. Today, he is considered one of the culinary world’s most prominent open fire grilling experts and blends both Argentine and American barbecue cultures to teach his followers the joys of asado and inspire them in their own cooking adventures.

His jalapeño popper empanadas and creative take on burgers are fun cross-cultural mashups, but when cooking asado for family and friends in Texas, Frugoni enjoys serving more traditional cuts of meat. The grill master shares that no matter the cut of beef, the real joy of open fire grilling is getting together with others. “Open fire grilling takes us back to simpler times and allows a moment to enjoy what is important. It engages all ages! Rain or shine, I enjoy grilling, nothing says more than sharing food with people. It’s what brings us together. Open fire grilling is not a way of cooking, it’s a way of life.”