Bangers and Mash

Level: Intermediate
Yield: 4 Serving(s)
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Total Time: 40 Minutes

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in your own backyard with a tasty meal of Bangers and Mash courtesy of Rick Schultz of Cocktails & Q.


8 Irish Style Bangers – Like RJ Balson & Son
3 pounds Yellow Potatoes
1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Cup Kerry Gold Dubliner Irish Cheese – taste and feels like parmesan
¼ cup Kerry Gold Salted Butter
2 tbls Kosmos Q Texas Beef
Guinness Gravy
1 Medium Onion – White or Yellow
¼ cup Kerry Gold Salted Butter
1 tbls Kerry Kosmos Q SPG
1 tbls flour
2 tbls Kosmos Q Brisket Mop
8 oz Guinness Stout
8 oz Beef Broth

Royal Oak All-Natural Hardwood Charcoal

Royal Oak All-Natural Tumbleweeds


1. Start by lighting the grill. I used a tumble weed and lit one charcoal chimney of Royal Oak Lump.
2. Start with your potatoes because they will take the longest. Peel your potatoes and quarter them before placing them into a stock pot covered with cold water. Put that pot on the hottest part of the grill so it can start to boil.
3. While that is cooking start your Guinness Gravy by thinly slicing your onion and putting that in a pan with butter and Kosmos Q SPG. Cook them until the onions have caramelized and are soft.

4. Once the onions are soft add your flour and mix. Cook this mixture for about 3 minutes to cook out the floury taste is cooked out. And then add the Guinness, Beef Stock, and Kosmos Q Brisket Mop. Cook for a couple more minutes until its bubbly and starts to thicken. At this point you’ll probably have to remove that pan to make room for other things.
5. Combine your Heavy Whipping Cream, Butter, Sliced Dubliner Cheese and Kosmos Q Texas Beef into a small pan and warm until the butter and cheese are melted. This warm mixture will be poured into the potatoes when they are done. Note: you might not need all the cream mixture so add it slowly.

6. About now is when you want to put your bangers on the grill on a cooler spot, so they don’t cook too fast. We want to cook these through and get some great color on them, but we don’t want them over cooked.
7. When the potatoes are fork tender, I like to process them through a potato ricer, so I have nice and smooth potatoes. After you have riced the potatoes start adding in your heated cream, butter, cheese mixture until the potatoes are the consistency you like.

8. When your Bangers are cooked and have good color and char move them into your Guinness Gravy and return that to the grill to heat up and start mixing those flavors.

9. When the gravy is fully thickened, and the potatoes are ready its time to plate.

Courtesy of: Rick Schultz of Cocktails & Q

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