How To: Prep and Cook an Alligator



BBQ Sauce of Choice

Rubs of choice

Gator Tail Stuffing:

Pork Boudin 1lb

Cream Cheese 1lb

Chopped Smoke Sausage 1lb

Dry rub 1 tablespoon


1.Cut down the tail, the bone being a guide to open up the tail.

2.Remove the white fat inside the tail. It will become like a jelly when cooked if not removed.

3.Flip the alligator over and locate the bottom tail muscles. Then locate the tenderloin. Remove the fat cap around the tenderloin. It will be a white fat.

4.Flip the alligator back over and pull open the tail that was already cut. Mix the stuffing together and stuff the tail.

5.Coat both sides of the alligator with your favorite rubs.

6.Cook the alligator at 250 until the thickest part of the meat is between 175 and 190 degrees. The thickest part is the back of the gator near the tail. Cook time varies depending on size of the gator. A small gator averages 4 hours of cook time.

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