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Our Story and Commitment to Quality

Royal Oak® was founded in 1953 and we’re committed to providing the highest-quality charcoal and grilling products from our family to yours.  Our charcoal is proudly made in the USA from sustainably-sourced all natural American hardwoods for a classic BBQ flavor and the best grilling experience.

Royal Oak® continues to grow and bring innovative products to consumers. We value quality and that is why we are trusted by the top professional pitmasters in BBQ and backyard grillers.  The backyard grill is a staple of the home and an opportunity to bring friends and family together for a delicious meal.  We thank you for trusting Royal Oak® charcoal to deliver the best flavor for your next BBQ!

The Forest Forever™ Sustainability Initiative

At Royal Oak® we have always been committed to protecting our forests through sustainable forest management best practices.  For decades, Royal Oak® has sourced natural hardwood by-products (wood waste) to produce American-made Lump Charcoal, Charcoal Briquets and other wood-based products.  Sawmills that harvest timber for all types of wood-based products produce wood waste as part of their process. This wood waste, if not repurposed, is simply discarded or thrown away in landfills. Royal Oak® responsibly repurposes millions of pounds of natural hardwood by-product (wood waste) and turns it into grilling fuels that provides the classic BBQ flavor we all know and love.

As part of our continued commitment to protecting our resources we are excited to announce a new sustainability initiative called Forest Forever™.  We believe that manufacturers and suppliers have an important role in promoting conservation and restoration efforts to protect our forests.  Forest Forever™ is a comprehensive program that includes best practices for forest management and reforestation efforts.

Sound stewardship of forests and other natural ecosystems is critical for sustaining livelihoods and benefiting current and future generations. As part of our overall sustainability goals, Royal Oak® is more committed than ever to promoting practices for maintaining healthy forests and ecosystems throughout our entire supply chain.  Many of our wood suppliers have already joined us in this initiative and have agreed to follow the Forest Forever™ best practices.  Together we are doing everything we can to ensure the future health and viability of our forests.

History of Sustainability
Sustainably Sourced

We only partner with local American sawmills that meet our sustainability standards.

Responsible Repurposing
Responsibly Made

We convert millions of pounds of sustainably sourced all natural American hardwoods, that used to wind up in landfills, into the highest-quality charcoal.

Supporting American Workers
Made in the USA

We support American workers with offices and manufacturing facilities across the country.

Join Our Team

Royal Oak® Enterprises, LLC is a leading manufacturer and marketer of charcoal, grilling accessories, firelogs, firestarters, matches and toothpick products from our portfolio of brands. If you’d like to work for a company as committed to its product as to its people, check out our latest postings to see if there is a fit for you.

Royal Oak® Ambassadors

As part of the Royal Oak® family, our Ambassadors carry our love of barbecue into the world, sharing great food made possible by great charcoal.

Royal Oak® BBQ Teams

Who knows better how to use the highest quality ingredients than competitive grillers? That’s why Royal Oak sponsors several of the nation’s leading grilling teams.