Craig Verhage


Craig Verhage, better known as The BBQ Ninja, started cooking BBQ professionally in 1995 and joined up with Ubons BBQ of Yazoo in 1998. Every year, Craig travels across the country bringing BBQ to people from all over, while he competes in BBQ competitions including Houston Live Stock and Rodeo, Hogs for the Cause, Chef Jeff Michener Memorial Fundraiser, Pig Beach BBQ, Memphis in May World Championship BBQ, Big Apple BBQ Block Party, Denver BBQ Festival, From the Ashes Idaho, Windy City Smoke Out, Kentucky States BBQ Festival, Que in the Lou and Cleveland Octoberfest. Craig has even traveled to Australia to bring over American BBQ.

In 2009, Craig earned his nickname, The BBQ Ninja, because of his unique style which consists of a bandana, sunglasses and his flamethrower.

Craig also teaches cooking classes that feature wild game he hunts and harvests, including alligator, duck and venison. Now, cooking alligator using his flamethrower has become his calling card.


  • Appeared on Chopped Grill Masters on Food Network
  • Featured Chef at the James Beard House
  • Featured Pitmaster at Yak Ales BBQ festival in Australia