Misty Banchero

Misty is a Seattle, Washington native with a love affair with meat.  She shares her “Stories of a Seattle meat man’s wife” on social platforms and may be better known as @SeattleButchersWife. Her marriage into a 3rd generation meat family was a kickstart for Misty’s BBQ journey.  Shifting from her long-time career in corporate retail through the pandemic, her passion for grilling became an obsession.  Misty combines her creative and engaging talents with her love of smoke and meat.  Her mission is to share her journey and to inspire more women to step up to the grill.  From live fire to simple pellet grill cooks she’s learned tips and tricks to share and has created mouthwatering pictures and videos on social media.  When she’s not at the grill you can find this backyard BBQ expert traveling or spending quality time with her butcher husband and their 3 children.  Stay tuned to see what’s next for Misty @seattlebutcherswife