Apple-Cherry Smoked Ham Sandwich



1 bone in fresh ham (not cured)

3/4 cup Kosmos pork injection

2.5 cups apple juice

Rub of choice


1 cup brown sugar

1 stick butter


Topping of choice (we used cheese sticks and Cheese Wiz)

BBQ Sauce of choice

Rib glaze of choice

Hamburger buns



1.Inject the ham with the pork injection. Score the fat cap of the meat.

2.Spray the ham with apple juice.

3.Apply heavy layer of rub.

4.Place on grill and smoke at 300 degrees for 5 hours.

5.Halfway through the cook add half the glaze on the ham.

6.Remove the ham and add more glaze.

7.Wrap the ham and continue to cook until the internal temperature is 195 to 200 degrees.


1.Slice the ham.

2.Add the ham slices to a bun.

3.Add the toppings and BBQ sauce of choice. Enjoy!

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