Grilling 101: General Tips on Using a Charcoal Grill

Check out a few simple charcoal grilling tips that'll help amateurs and pros alike deliver the best possible meal any night of the week. These tips will help you up your grilling game, whether you’re direct grilling, indirect grilling, or smoking.

  1. Keep it Healthy: Trimming fat from meat before grilling helps avoid flare-ups and makes for healthier food.
  2. Add Flavor: Using wood chips and chunks are an easy way to add flavor to your meat.
  3. Keep it Clean: Coat cooking grate with vegetable oil to prevent sticking.
  4. Time it Right: Once the charcoal is lit, don’t start cooking until the briquets are predominantly ashed over.
  5. Use the Right Tools: Don’t make the rookie mistake of using a grilling fork on your food. It causes the loss of natural meat juices, so use tongs or a spatula.
  6. Sauce it Up: Apply tomato and sugar-based sauces at the end of cooking as they burn easily.
  7. Make it Hot: Use a meat thermometer to help make sure your meat reaches the desired temperature.
  8. Transfer to a Clean Dish: Always use a clean plate for your cooked food to avoid contamination from a plate that held your uncooked food.

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