Christmas Beef Ribs


Beef Ribs

Beef Injection

Rubs of Choice (Recommendations: a spicy rub, a sweet rub and black pepper.)


1.Take your slab of beef ribs and remove the silver skin.

2.Trim the hard fat off the beef ribs. Leave the membrane on the bottom on the ribs.

3.Inject beef ribs with injection of choice. Go right on top of the beef and inject a little at a time.

4.Rub heavily with rubs of choice. Recommendations: a spicy rub, a sweet rub and black pepper.

5.Let the beef ribs set for 30 minutes to an hour at room temperature.

6.Preheat smoker to 300 degrees.

7.Place beef ribs on the smoker until they reach an internal temperature of 205 degrees. About 5 and a half hours of cooking time.

8. Remove from the smoker. Cut ribs and enjoy!

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