Christmas Scotch Egg Ornaments


16oz breakfast sausage

6 hardboiled eggs, peeled and rinsed.

BBQ rub of choice

Maple syrup

Cayenne Pepper

Whole potatoes for mashed potatoes

Milk & butter as needed for potatoes

Food Coloring for potato icing

Piping bags for mashed potato icing


1.Remove the hard boiled eggs from their packaging and place in a pan with a paper towel.

2.Roll them around to completely dry them off.  Sausage does not stick to wet eggs.

3.Remove the sausage from the “chub” packaging, form into a cylinder and cut into 6 even slices or patties, about 2.75 ounces each.

4.Form each patty into a “nest” to where you can place the egg in the center.

5.Using your hands, form the sausage around the egg as evenly and make as round as possible.

6.Once formed, apply a generous amount of BBQ rub to the outside of the entire Scotch egg and place into a half steam table pan, spreading them out evenly.

7.Return to the refrigerator to allow the rub to “sweat” for about an hour or even overnight.  You can prepare these ahead of time and put them right into the smoker.

8.Place in the smoke at 300 degrees.  Remember that you are cooking the sausage only as the egg is pre-cooked already. Place potatoes on the grill as well. Cook the potatoes until they are soft enough to form mashed potatoes.

9.After about 45 minutes to an hour or once the sausage reaches 165 degrees you will notice cracks forming in the sausage around some of the eggs.  They are done!

10.Remove from the heat and drizzle with maple syrup and a very light dusting of Cayenne pepper.

11.When the potatoes are done, skin and mash. Add butter and milk as needed to get a good consistency. Make sure it is not too think to clog the piping bag but not to thin that it is runny.

12.Seperate the potatoes into two small balls. Add green food coloring to one and red food coloring to the other.

13.Decorate the ornaments however you choose. Enjoy!

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