Grilled Rack of Lamb


Rack of Lamb

Rub of Choice





Stick of Butter


1.Prep the rack of lamb by trimming the fat.

2.Coat the lamb with duck fat.

3.Coat lamb with rub of choice.

4.Coat lamb with salt, pepper and garlic blend.

5.Take stick of butter and add garlic, salt, pepper mixture, rub of choice and chopped rosemary to the butter in a foil pan. (Or any small pan that can be placed on the grill).

6.Wrap the bones in foil.

7. Smoke the lamb until just before doneness.

8.Remove from smoker and place over coals. Add the pan with the butter to the grill. Remove the foil

9.Take lamb and butter off the grill. Separate the lamb into chops.

19.Pour melted butter over the lamb chops. Enjoy.

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