KETO Jalapeño Peach Burnt Ends


Brisket point

Binder of choice (mustard, oil, butter, hot sauce, etc)

Rubs of choice

Rib glaze of choice


1.Separate the point from the flat before seasoning and smoking the brisket. This allows you to enjoy the burnt ends before the flat is done cooking.

2.Trim away the excess fat surrounding the point. You can trim based on how much fat you want on your burnt ends.

3.Cube them into 1 1/2” squares and use your favorite binder. (mustard, oil, butter, hot sauce, etc)

4.Cover burnt ends with rubs of choice.

5.Place burnt ends in smoker until they reach an internal temperature of 200 degrees. (about two hours)

6.Place burnt ends in a pan and add more rub of choice. Add on Peach rib glaze or other glaze of choice. To keep the recipe KETO friendly make sure you measure out the carbs in the glaze you use, to make sure you stay within your daily limit.

7.Place the pan or burnt ends back on the smoker and cook uncovered for 30 minutes. Cover and cook for an additional 30 minutes. Or until you have reached desired doneness. Enjoy!

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