Malcom Reed’s Smoked Picanha


1 whole picanha roast 3-4lbs

2 Tablespoons rubs of choice


  1. Prepare Drum smoker or other pit for indirect cooking at 275°F.
  2. Remove picanha roast from packaging and trim away sinew or silver skin from the meat side.  Score the fat side using a sharp knife: make shallow cuts across the fat in one direction spacing the cuts about 1” apart; then make the same shallow cuts in the opposite direction.
  3. Season the picanha with rub on all sides.
  4. Place it on the pit fat side down and insert a probe thermometer into the thickest portion to monitor internal temp.  
  5. Remove from the pit once the internal temperature reaches 122-125°F.
  6. Rest the picanha loosely covered in foil for 10-15 before slicing against the grain.

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