Mexican Street Elote


Fresh Corn

Mexican Sour Cream/Crema


Beef Rub of Choice

Salt, Pepper & Garlic Rub of Choice

Finely Grated Cotija Cheese

Finely Chopped Cilantro


1.Clean your corn.

2.Prepare your grill with Royal Oak Charcoal. Heat grill to 450-500 degrees.

3.Place corn on grill for approximately 30 minutes rotating corn every few minutes or so.

4.After corn has been roasted, place in a foil pan and butter your corn.

5.Next, apply your Mexican Crema to your corn in a foil pan and rotate your corn in the cream to completely cover all areas.

6.Apply a light coating of the SPG Rub and the Beef Rub to cover the entire piece of corn.

7.Add the final coating of Cotija Cheese and Cilantro to finish it off.

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