Oklahoma Bologna Burnt End Tacos


Bologna roll

Metal skewers

Half pan with a removable rack

Rubs of choice

Kosmos Sweet Smoke BBQ Sauce

Kosmos Peach Habanero Rib Glaze

Kosmos Dirty Bird rub or other rubs of choice

Flour or corn tortillas

Premade coleslaw

Precooked sweet potato fries

Taco toppings of choice (if you want something different besides the fries and slaw)


1.Place skewers through the bologna roll, to guide your cuts. The cuts do not go all the way through. Cut left to right about an inch apart and then the long way, about an inch apart. This will produce a cauliflower look once the bologna cooks. Reference the video for tips on cutting the bologna.

2.Season the bologna liberally and get the seasoning down inside the cuts made in step 1.

3.Place two skewers, one at each end of the bologna roll. Place the meat in a foil half pan with a rack in the bottom.

4.Smoke the Bologna with the lid closed at 225 degrees. Smoke for four hours.

5.Remove from the grill. Cut the bologna into burnt end size pieces. One inch by one inch is typical.

6.Place the cubes back inside the half pan.

7.Add to the pan Kosmos Sweet Smoke BBQ Sauce and  Kosmos Cherry Apple Habanero Rib Glaze. Then top with Kosmos Dirty Bird rub or other rub of choice.

8.Place the meat back in the smoker for about 15 minutes.

9.Remove from the smoker.

10.Place tortillas directly on the grate for a few second on each side.

11.Build your tacos! This recipe adds sweet potato fries and coleslaw on top. You can use these or add any topping you would like on your tacos. Enjoy!

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