KETO Oklahoma Farmhouse Fatty and Naked Pork Fatty

Naked Pork Fatty:

1lb tube of your choice of breakfast sausage

Shaker of your favorite Pork Rub

BBQ Sauce or Glaze of your Choice

Farmhouse Fatty:

Scrambled eggs with 1/4c Shredded cheddar cheese (around 3 eggs)

1lb tube of breakfast sausage

1lb of beef bacon or pork bacon

1.Scramble eggs with cheese.

2.Set aside the eggs for later.

3.Spread out the breakfast sausage into a square with even thickness, spoon the eggs (add additional ingredients if you want, Chiles, onions, tomatoes, etc.) into 1/3-1/2 of the square and roll the sausage back up around the eggs.  Make sure you seal the ends of the roll with the sausage.

4.Make a basket weave with Beef Bacon or Pork Bacon, on a piece of plastic wrap. Place the breakfast sausage at one end of the bacon and roll the bacon around the breakfast sausage.

5.Once you cover the sausage with the bacon, cover the bacon with your favorite rub.

6.Place the fatties in the smoker.

7.Smoke the fatty for 1-2hrs based on your cooking temps until the fatty reaches an internal temp of 160 degrees.

8.You can glaze the fatty with your favorite BBQ Sauce or Glaze, we used Kosmos Q Maple Bourbon Rib Glaze for this cook.

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