Parmesan Crusted Chicken Wings


Whole Chicken Wings

Your Favorite All-Purpose Salt, Pepper, Garlic Rub

2 Cups Grated Parmesan Cheese

Your Favorite BBQ Rub

Crushed Red Pepper or Cayenne Pepper

Black Pepper


1. Separate the flats and drummies to help get as much flavor on them and more surface area for rub to stick to. It is pretty simple to separate the wings once you find the joint.

2. Place all the wings on a cooling rack to help with moving the wings around and flipping during the cook process.

3. Coat the wings with a simple salt, pepper, and garlic-based rub.

4. Mix up the Parmesan Rub (2 Cups Grated Parmesan, 1/2 Cup of Mississippi Grind BBQ Rub, 1 Tablespoon Cayenne Pepper and 1 Tablespoon Black Pepper). Once everything is in a bowl, use a fork and mix it up really well.

5. Then put the mixture back in the Parmesan shaker to help apply the rub. You need the larger holes in the lid the let the Parmesan flow through.

6. Apply the Parmesan Rub. Go pretty heavy on both sides. The Parmesan is going to absorb some of the moisture on the skin and that is what helps give you that crispy skin.

7. We are going to do this several times throughout the cook process. Let this rub sit while we get the pit fired up. You can place it back in the fridge or allow to sit out for a few minutes.

8. Once the bed of coals get ready, I added a split of pecan. After a few minutes the pit is up to 300 and running clean.

9. Place the cooling rack full of wings in the middle of the smoker. Depending on the pit you are cooking on, you just want to make sure you are running a clean fire with good airflow.

10. After about 30 minutes, check on the wings. Flip and add more of the Parmesan Rub to them and put them back on.

11. At the 1-hour mark repeat the same process. Cook until the internal temp is at about 200 in order to get them super tender and crispy skin.

12. The secret is to apply the Parmesan mix throughout the cook process to get extra crispy skin.

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