Smoked Catfish Rollup


Block and a half of cream cheese (room temperature)

Diced jalepeno


Parsely, cilantro and Dill

Fresh lemon juice

Rub of choice

Cat fish fillets

Sliced lemon




1.Add room temperature cream cheese to a bowl and then add jalapenos, capers, parsley, cilantro, dill, fresh lemon juice and runs of choice.

2.Mix the cheese mixture until blended.

3.Carefully butterfly the catfish.

4.Season the fish with rubs of choice. Add a small amount of brown sugar. Pat the rub and sugar gently.

5.Add the cheese mixture on top of the fish and roll. Slice the rolls in half.

6.Lay a baking mat on top of the grates. Make a bed of citrus.

7.Place the fish on the grill and smoke until white, flaky and desired donenesss. Rotate fish as needed.

8.Mix honey and mustard as a glaze. Spoon glaze on the fish.

9.Allow the glaze to thicken and remove from the grill. Enjoy!

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