Cheetos Smoked Mac and Cheese


Cheetos Mac and Cheese Meal Kits

Velveeta Block

Cream Cheese Block

6Tbs butter (2Tbsp per box)

3/4 cup of milk (1/4 per box)


Bacon (other toppings as desired)

Cast Iron Skillet


1.Prepare noodles as per instructions on box.

2.Place noodles in a cast iron pan (one pan for each box).

3.Add two Tbsp of butter to each pan and 1/4 cup of milk to each pan.

4.Melt down a block of Velveeta and a block of Cream Cheese over charcoal in a pan.

5.Split the cheesy mixture across the three pans of mac.

6.Stir in all ingredients including the flavor packet included in the box.

7.Place on the smoker until the edges are bubbly. Stir.

8.Remove from the smoker and top with Bacon, Cheetos or other toppings as desired. Enjoy!

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