Stuffed Ribeye Roll


Whole ribeye

Minced garlic




Sea salt


Raw spinach


Mushroom medley

Sour dough bread

1 Egg

Beef broth

Rubs of choice


1.Butterfly the ribeye starting at the spinalis. Do smooth knife strokes and slowly peel the meat back.

2.Saute spinach, shallots and bacon. Add in garlic, thyme, rosemary and sage to taste.

3.On a cookie sheet, bake small pieces of sour dough bread until crisp and small pieces of mushrooms.

4.Add the bread and mushrooms to the sautéed spinach mixture. Stir really good.

5.Add in egg and stir. Add in a small amount of beef broth until the bread is lightly saturated. Add salt and pepper.

6.Coat meat with rubs of choice, after the meat has been butterflied. Get all sides of the steak with the rubs.

7.Add in the stuffing and start rolling the thickest part of the steak first.

8.Tie up the meat pinwheel.

9.Smoke at 300 degrees until desired doneness. Test the temperature in several different places to ensure the desired temperature is reached throughout the entire ribeye roll.

10.Top with a sprinkle of sea salt. Enjoy!

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