Richard Fergola & The BBQ Ninja’s Stuffed Venison Backstrap


Venison Backstrap


Rub of choice


1 ½ lbs of hot breakfast sausage

7.5 oz of pineapple cream cheese

7.5 oz of jalapeno cream cheese

Tbl spoon of maple syrup


1.Combine stuffing ingredients and cook.

2.Lay bacon out and place backstrap on top of the bacon.

3.Add the stuffing on top of the backstrap.

4.Coat the inside with dry rub of choice.

5.Wrap the bacon around the backstrap. Make sure there is about an inch of slack.

6.Coat all sides with rub of choice.

7.Put on smoker at 275. Cook until it’s 135 to 140 internal temp. Enjoy!

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