Valentines in the Tropics Grilled Cocktail


Grilled Fruit Puree’s

1 whole fresh pineapple

1 box of fresh strawberries

2 tbls sugar


4 oz grilled strawberry puree

4 oz grilled pineapple puree

1 oz dark rum

1 oz white rum

1 oz coco lopez coconut cream

1 oz grenadine


1.Start by lighting the grill with Royal Oak Charcoal.

2.Cut the tops off the strawberry’s and remove the skin and core from the pineapple. Cut the pineapple into sections.

3.When your fire is hot place the fruit over the direct coals to get good sear marks.

4.Once the fruit is cooked to your liking remove it from the heat and place into a bowl or platter.

5.To make the strawberry puree take your grilled strawberries and 1 tbls of sugar and blend them in a blender until smooth, if the mixture is too thick you can add a little water. Repeat this process with the pineapple and then place both the puree’s in the refrigerator until completely cool.

6.Once cool you can place all the ingredients listed above in either a cocktail shaker or a blender.

7.Serve over ice in a large glass, large enough for you and your valentine if you want.

8.Garnish with a strawberry and enjoy.

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