Malcom Reed’s Nacho Burger


1 lbs Ground Chuck

How to BBQ Right Grande Gringo Seasoning

Brioche Buns

Pepper Jack Cheese

Tortilla Chips

Queso Blanco

Shredded Lettuce

Pico de Gallo

Royal Oak 100% Charcoal Hardwood Pellets 


1.Form patties with 1/4 lbs of ground beef.

2.Liberally season both sides of the patties.  Let rest in the refrigerator.

3.Fuel your pellet grill with Royal Oak 100% Charcoal Hardwood Pellets and bring to 275.

4.Place the burgers directly on the grill grates, no need to flip.

5.Cook low and slow until internal temp is 165, about 45 minutes.

6.Add the Pepper Jack cheese and let it melt.

7.Remove burgers from the grill and toast your brioche buns.

8.Add the burgers to the buns and pile high with nacho toppings. Enjoy!

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