Megan Day’s Grilled Candy Bars


  • 4 Small Flour Tortillas
  • 8 Tsp. Marshmallow fluff
  • 4 of your favorite candy bars
  • Spray butter
  • Foil

Equipment & Fuel


1. Prepare your grill with a two-zone fire.

2. Spread 2 teaspoons of marshmallow fluff on each tortilla.

3. Place your favorite candy bar on the tortilla. Tightly tucked the tortilla around the candy bar and secure the ends to completely seal the candy bar inside.

4. Spritz the outside of the tortilla with the spray butter and wrap each bar tightly in aluminum foil.

5. Grill the foiled packet over medium heat for five minutes on each side.

6. Allow it to cool for 2 to 3 minutes before unwrapping the foil.

7. To dress it up, try dusting it with some powdered sugar and serve it with a little whip cream.

Article by: ksaine